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Steps to Application

Enrollment Process

Happy Day Academy is enrollment is available to all children ages 6 weeks to schoool age regardless of race, color, sex, religion or national origin, however, applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


The steps listed below are mandatory for all children to be enrolled.

Child Care Enrollment Step 1: Check Availability

If you are interested in enrolling your child at Happy Day Academy, please check to see which openings are available. Due to a small group size we do not experience high turnover so we can't guarantee there will be openings. If there are no openings available, please add your name to the waiting list. We will contact you as soon as an opening becomes available.

Child Care Enrollment Step 2: Interview and Tour

We strongly recommend parents visit any child care program they are considering prior to enrolling. It's almost impossible to tell if a program is right for your child without seeing it in person.

Schedule an interview so we can discuss your child's specific needs, review important information about the program, and tour the premises. Please bring your child with you so he or she can meet the other children and see what fun things there are to do here. Be sure to allow 30 to 45 minutes so we have adequate time to discuss your child's specific needs, program policies, and to address all of your questions.

During the interview you will receive a copy of my Credentials, our Daily Schedule, and other materials to help you choose the program that is right for you. You may request a copy of the Parent Handbook beforehand so you can bring any questions with you to the interview.


Generally all interested families are interviewed before a decision is made, however in certain circumstances the opening may be filled before all of the scheduled interviews are completed.


Child Care Enrollment Step 3: Submit an Enrollment Application


Let us know that you intend to enroll your child within 24 hours after the interview and tour.


In order to reserve your child's space in the program, an Enrollment Application must by completed by both parents and submitted, along with the $50 enrollment fee and the first week's tuition or completed authorization for automatic payments form, to:

Happy Day Academy
4405 N. Maize Rd.
Maize, KS 67101


The enrollment fee and first week's tuition are non-refundable and will be forfeited if the child does not come for care.


After your 24 hour window has passed other prospective families will be offered the opening. At this point the opening will be filled on a “first come, first served” basis, depending on which family submits the enrollment items first.


As confirmation of the child's enrollment, an “Enrollment Acceptance” will be completed and sent to parents along with the current Parent Handbook, “Your Guide to Licensed Child Care” brochure, and information about required enrollment forms. Enrollment is considered to begin on the date listed on the Enrollment Acceptance form and a place reserved for your child beginning on that date, as long as all fees and forms are received on time.


Child Care Enrollment Step 4: Complete Your Enrollment


Complete your child's enrollment by submitting the proper enrollment forms. These have varying due dates; please complete, sign and submit each by the date listed on the form. In order to make sure each child's file is complete and accurate, no child can be accepted for care without the proper forms on file and payment of the first week's tuition. If a parent is under age 18 a cosigner must sign the contract to act as guarantor to the contract, and agree to be bound by all financial terms.


Finally, be sure to take time to read through and become familiar with the program policies contained in the Parent Handbook before your child's first day of attendance.


Child Care Unenrollment


At some point it will be time for your child to graduate from Happy Day Academy. The Parent/Provider Contract may be terminated by either Happy Day Academy or by the parent. When notice of termination is given all outstanding bills must be paid in full, regardless of which party terminates child care services.


Parents wishing to withdraw their child from care must submit a written notice at least two weeks prior to the child's last day of care. The final payment covers the child's last two weeks of care, whether the child is brought for care or not. Payment of tuition is due for care up to the last two weeks.


Happy Day Academy may terminate a child's enrollment at will, effective immediately, for any reason deemed necessary. Reasons for termination may include, but are not limited to:


  • Failure to pay tuition and/or fees on time.

  • Failure to sign in/out.

  • Lack of parental cooperation.

  • Inability to meet the needs of the child.

  • Repeated late pick ups.

  • Failure to complete and return required forms.

  • Verbal or physical abuse or threat by a parent or person transporting a child.

  • A child's behavior which threatens the well-being of anyone at the program.

  • Possession or use of weapons on the premises.

  • Any other reason as deemed necessary.


If the provider terminates the contract effective immediately, any prepaid tuition, including the Final Payment, will be forfeited.


Child Care Enrollment - Next Steps


Now that your child is enrolled and you're familiar with the Parent Handbook, take some time to check out what your child will be doing every day at Happy Day Academy


Visit the Parent Corner (coming soon) for the most recent Happy Day Academy happenings, take a peek at the fun learning activities your child will enjoy every day, or see what's for lunch today.

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