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Growing up and gaining independence.

Preschool is a magical time where children are learning about who they are and how to get along in a classroom.

Our teachers focus on social emotional skill development just as much as they focus on academics and work closely with families to support children's learning and development.


Our preschool program is design for children who are 3 to 5 years to nurture your child’s early academic, social-emotional, and creative skills until they transition into kindergarten. The class will have a maximum of 10 children with one teacher or 12 children with two teachers.

Children have the opportunity to engage in playful and hands-on experiences that support a child’s sense natural curiosity as they engage in art, dramatic play, block exploration, science investigation, games, and more. Through these daily experiences, the children build their language, their cognition, and their relationships with others.

In preschool class writing, reading, science and math experiences are focused on helping children build the underlying foundation that sets the stage for deep understanding of the subjects they are studying. Children, for example, can be seen writing their names on a clipboard as they wait their turn for a material, drawing in their science notebook as they make observations of ladybugs, developing their spatial awareness as they consider which block would fit best in a structure, and building their number sense as they set the table with enough plates for all the children to eat lunch.

A typical day of hands-on investigation will include:

BIG QUESTION OF THE DAY: Each day your child will be prompted with a question that introduces him to the day’s topic. Great dinner conversation!


CIRCLE TIME: We’ll build friendship skills through songs and rhymes. Your child will also get to be a special helper. Ask your child how he helped today.


SMALL GROUP ACTIVITIES: Learn phonics, counting, problem-solving and emergent writing skills through educational games and projects.


STEAM STATIONS: Your child will have many choices throughout the day for independent learning. By visiting one of the Art, Science or Math centers, your child can experiment with his creative ideas, investigate nature materials or solve an engineering challenge while building with blocks.


MUSIC AND MOVEMENT:We end every day with a celebration of learning. Your child builds coordination and balance by participating in a movement program designed by a dance and early childhood specialist.

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