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Toddler Care

A journey of exploration and discovery

In this class, teachers provide challenges that are not too hard or too easy—something toddlers can do with a little help. We also choose materials, activities, and strategies to use with toddlers that help them with what they need in their developmentand support what they are interested in.


Our toddler classroom, designed for children 18 months to 3 years, allows your child explore and prepare for a positive preschool experience. During their second year, toddlers are moving around more, and are more aware of themselves, their surroundings and the children they share a classroom with. 


Each day, children have the opportunity to engage in playful and hands-on experiences that support a child’s sense of wonder as they engage in sensory and art experiences, listen to stories, sing and dance, and explore the classroom environment. Through these daily experiences, the children build their fine motor skills, their cognition, and their self-concept. Their desire to explore new objects and people also is increasing.


During this stage, toddlers will show greater independence and will also begin to show defiant behavior; recognize themselves in pictures or a mirror; and imitate the behavior of others, especially adults and older children.


Toddlers will also be able to recognize the names of familiar people and objects, form simple phrases and sentences, and follow simple instructions and directions. We work on skills such as sharing, communicating wants and needs, potty training and we begin introducing some basic academics at this age such as color, number and letter recognition. We do this in fun and interactive ways using Mother Goose Time's brand new Toddler Curriculum.

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